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POST BulkCartUpdate

Create/Update a list of carts.

This feature must be enabled for your account.

Input and output parameters

*denotes required field.

Input Parameter Name Type/Info
id id of the cart in the system, provide this if you want to update.
api_reference_id* your reference to identify the cart, if no "id" is provided we'll use this to update your cart.
contact_id ID of the contact in our system you want to assign the cart to. Without we'll use "customer_email" to assign the contact.
order_id ID of the order in our system to associate the cart to.
external_order_id Your order ID, we'll use this to match against order and assign order_id for you.
cart_create_date When your cart was created YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ.
cart_update_date When your cart was updated YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ.
confirmed_is_abandoned Define this cart as abandoned, we'll define the "date_confirmed_is_abandoned". Alteratively you can enable a process in the CRM that will automatically assign this value.
is_active Is the cart still in an active state. Making inactive will prevent automations from processing this record.
total Total worth of the cart.
total_inc_tax Total worth of the cart including tax.
iso_currency_code ISO alpha 3 currency code.
customer_email* Email address to the customer, without a contact_id, we'll use this to assign to the contact.
customer_firstname Customer first name.
customer_lastname Customer last name.
customer_gender Customer's gender.
customer_telephone Customer's contact number.
customer_mobile Customer's contact mobile number.
customer_dob Customer's date of birth YYYY-MM-DD.
customer_is_guest Is this a guest checkout.
customer_notes Any further info about the customer.
billing_first_name Billing first name.
billing_last_name Billing last name.
billing_address1 Billing address line 1.
billing_address2 Billing address line 2.
billing_city Billing address city.
billing_county Billing address county.
billing_post_code Billing address post-code.
billing_country Billing address country.
shipping_first_name Shipping first name.
shipping_last_name Shipping last name.
shipping_address1 Shipping address line 1.
shipping_address2 Shipping address line 2.
shipping_city Shipping address city.
shipping_county Shipping address county.
shipping_post_code Shipping address post-code.
shipping_country Shipping address country.
cart_lines* Array of data:
  • cart_line_id - Your cart reference.
  • product_sku - Your product SKU.
  • product_name - Your product name.
  • product_description - Your product description.
  • tax_percent - Tax charged.
  • product_price - Price for product.
  • product_price_tax - Tax charged to product.
  • product_price_inc_tax - Product price with tax.
  • product_original_price - Original product price (rrp).
  • quantity - Number stocked.
  • row_total - Cost for the cart line.
  • row_total_inc_tax - Cost for the cart line with tax.
custom_fields Array of key value pairs for any custom fields data
Key is the field name then value assigned:
  • field_name: field_value
    • id - system id for the cart
    • status - http status code
    • message - created|updated
    • error - only present during failure








Result Format JSON