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POST CreateOrderEvent

Create/Update an order event, use these to register events against your order. These can be then taylored to run workflows and perform custom actions, such as sending a variety of email notifications for delivery, shipping etc.

This feature must be enabled for your account.

Input and output parameters

*denotes required field.

Input Parameter Name Type/Info
id id of the order event in the system, provide this if you want to update the row.
event_reference* your reference to identify the order event, if no "id" is provided we'll use this to update your event.
order_id* identifier for the order in our system you want to associate the event to.
event_type* cancelled | completed | delivered | dispatched | disputed | fullfilled | processing | refunded.
event_date* date event occurred YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ.
message string of infomation you want to include in your campaigns as a merge-tag.

Optional, by default the system will make all order lines available in workflows/trigger-emails. To limit this list only add the order_line_id matching your previously created order.

For example to notify the contact, ie X number of products have been shipped.

Input Parameter Name Type/Info
order_line_id* This is your order-line reference provided at the point of order creation. See: Create/Update Order
quantity integer of the number of units. This value will overwrite the order_line quantity, useful when populating partial shipping/refund notifications
custom_fields Key value pairs, to populate pre-defined custom fields for this order-event. These can be used as merge tags in your email message.
  • id - system id for the order
  • status - http status code
  • message - action performed
  • error - only present during failure








Result Format JSON