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GET GetProducts

Get a list of products in the system.

This feature must be enabled for your account.

Input and output parameters

Input Parameter Name Type/Info
keyword Filter the products by name/sku.
sku Filter by product's SKU.
category_path Filter by product's a category path.
product_update_from Filter by product's update date, format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.
product_create_from Filter by product's create date, format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
select Number of records to return, maximum 500.
skip Number of records to skip
sort How to sort the results, options: update_date_asc | update_date_desc | create_date_asc | create_date_desc | product_update_date_asc | product_update_date_desc | product_create_date_asc | product_create_date_desc
  • id - unique identifier in our system
  • api_integration - name of the integration
  • api_resource - the integration resource name
  • api_reference_id - your reference to identify the product
  • create_date - date product was added to the system
  • update_date - date product was updated in the system
  • sku - Stock keeping unit
  • group_type - parent-product|child-product|standalone-product
  • name - name of product
  • description - product details
  • barcode
  • uri - URL path to product in your system
  • price_tax
  • original_price
  • price
  • weight - float quantity of weight specified by weight_unit
  • weight_unit - kg|g|lb|oz
  • price_inc_tax
  • stock_quantity - integer of items in stock
  • product_create_date - date product created in your system
  • product_update_date - date product updated in your system
  • visibility - not-individually|public|private
  • status - active|disabled|deleted|partial
  • product_links - array of links
  • product_options - array of options
  • product_images - array of images
  • product_categories - array of categories
  • parent_variations - array of parent product variations
  • child_variations - array of child product variations
custom_fields - Custom fields for the product.
  • Key is the field name then value assigned:
    field_name: field_value








Result Format JSON