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Welcome to WiredPlus v1.0 Web API, a RESTful API that is easy to integrate.

Getting Started with our API

With our API integration you will have the ability to manage Subscribers, Lists & Suppressions and sync Subscriber activities, Campaign stats and Reports with your own database.

The WiredPlus API has been designed for developers who have the vision to make a difference and people who have the skills to write custom code to integrate with RESTful API. If you find that you need some help with the API integration then our support team will be happy to help with any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact our .

Authentication & Authorization

To be able to access the API methods you are required to generate an API Key to use with Basic Authentication in the headers of your API call.

Using Authorization request header

API POST/GET URL: https://api.wiredplus.com/v1/{api_request}

Basic Authentication using PHP

Basic Authentication using JQuery Ajax call


You have the option to generate up to 10 API keys within the system under the Settings menu. Log into your Account as an administrator, go to Settings, API Keys and Create API Key.

Once generated the Username will be your API Key Name and your password is your API key.

Code Samples

Within our documentation we have placed sample codes in Curl, PHP and JQuery so you know how to format your request and understand the return results.


We are pleased to say that our API has been running uninterruptedly since launch and has been serving customers from day one. We may conduct planned maintenance such as a new release but to make sure that it will not interupt your day to day activities we will inform you before the maintenance takes place.


We have been required to implement certain restrictions to our API users to allow uninterrupted use and reduce limitations when syncing data. We use connection limitations when we identify suspicious activities. Each account can have up to 10 simultaneous connections.

Each account can make up to 1k requests per hour.

Rate limits are included in all API response headers:

X-RateLimit-Limit: 1000
X-RateLimit-Remaining: 999
X-RateLimit-Reset: 1549886400

Rate limits can be viewed directly by calling GetAccountInfo.

Error Responses

The API will return 200 responses for all valid requests.

Authentication errors

Return 401 status code and response body:

    "error": "Could not authenticate."

Data validation errors

Return 400 status code and an error in the response body:

    "error": "Contact does not exist."

Connection limitation errors

Return 429 status code and response body:

    "error": "Maximum number of 1000 calls per hour reached"

Loading Retail Data

(order, carts & products)

To get the best performance of the system, firstly please load your contacts using Bulk Contact Update end point.

Once we have contacts, load up the products, with this data we more efficiently assign to carts & orders.