Wired Plus API Documentation

POST UpdateContact

Updates a contact.

Input and output parameters

*denotes required field.

Input Parameter Name Description
idThe id of contact which could be pulled via GetContactByEmail
first_namefirst name of contact
last_namelast name of contact
namefull name
genderGender of contact which can be (Male,Female)
companyCompany name
job_titleContact job title
addressCompany or Home addres of contact max 255 characters
address_2An overflow adddress field if 255 character space for address is not enough
countyCounty or State of Address
post_codePost code / Zip Code
countryPlease use full country names such as United Kingdom
wwwContact website address
email*valid email address, this is a required field
telephoneContact telephone number, you can add area code too
mobileContact mobile phone number
tagsTagging will allow quick searchability for contact record, enter tags by separating with a comma
opt_inWe advise that only opt in data to be uploaded through the API, with opt in you will have 2 options that you can set as an integer entry which are as follows: (1 - SingleOptIn; 2 - DoubleOptIn)
custom[NAMEOFCUSTOMTEXTFIELD] The custom field option will allow you to assign custom fields data for the contact.

These custom fields MUST exist before data can be assigned to contacts.

The way to submit custom field information is as follows:

Output params
  • id (of the contact created)








Result Format JSON