Wired Plus API Documentation

GET GetDynamicRows

Get a list of dynamic rows, filtering by a contact_id or type.

This feature must be enabled for your account.

Input and output parameters

Input Parameter Name Type/Info
contact_id Filter the records by contact.
type All records by type.
select Number of records to return, maximum 500.
skip Number of records to skip
sort How to sort the results, options: row_date_created_desc | row_date_created_asc | row_date_updated_desc | row_date_updated_asc
  • id - unique identifier of dynamic row
  • type - the dynamic row type
  • primary_key - unique key assigned by external system
  • contact_id - the assigned contact id
  • create_date
  • update_date
  • data - hash of fields based on your data structure








Result Format JSON