Wired Plus API Documentation

POST SendTransactionalMessage

Creates tranasaction email to an email address.

This feature must be enabled for your account.

Input and output parameters

*denotes required field.

Input Parameter Name Description
subject* Subject of the email to the contact.
from_name* The from name for the email.
from_email* The from email to be embedded into the contact's email.
to_name* The contact's name.
to_email* The contact's email.
cc_email Comma seperated list of email addresses to receive a CC of the the contact email.
bcc_email Comma seperated lust email addresses to receive a BCC of the the contact email.
reply_to Reply email address.
html HTML content to embed into the email.
txt Raw text email content.
attachments Array of base64 encoded files, each array row must have a "name" & "data" field. Data must be base64 encoded.
Output params
  • id (UUID of the contact created)
  • subject
  • from_name
  • from_email
  • to_name
  • to_email
  • cc_email
  • bcc_email
  • reply_to
  • html
  • txt








Result Format JSON