Wired Plus API Documentation

GET GetContacts

Retrieves a list of contacts.

Input and output parameters

The input and output parameters for this method are:

*denotes required field.

Input Parameter Name Type/Info
status Filter by contact status: Active, Archived, Suppressed, Unsubscribed, DomainSuppression
listid integer(11), the id of the list.
withfulldata Expand additional data fields, provide boolean 1,0
select Number of items to return, maximum 500.
skip Number of records to skip
  • id (unique identifier of contact, the id can be used to call another call getCustomFieldsForContact to list associated custom fields)
  • email (the email address of the contact)
  • opt_in_type (status of the opt in of the user, set to 0 for not opted in, 1 is opted in)
  • email_type (the email type of the user)
  • status (the status of the contact)
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • name
  • gender
  • opt_in_date (the date the contact was opted in)
  • post_code








Result Format JSON