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POST BulkProductUpdate

Create/Update a list of products.

This feature must be enabled for your account.

A maximum of 50 records can be updated per request.

Input and output parameters

*denotes required field.

Input Parameter Name Type/Info
id id of the product in the system, provide this if you want to update.
sku* sku of the product. If no "id" is provided, we'll use this to update your product.
api_reference_id your reference to identify the product.
group_type* parent-product|child-product|standalone-product.
name* Name of product.
description* Product details.
barcode Product barcode.
uri URL path to product in your system.
price_tax Cost of the tax applied to product.
original_price Cost of product, ie RRP.
price* Cost of product.
price_inc_tax* Product price with tax.
weight float quantity of weight specified by weight_unit.
weight_unit kg|g|lb|oz.
stock_quantity Integer of items in stock.
product_create_date* Date product created in your system YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
product_update_date* Date product updated in your system YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
visibility* not-individually|public|private.
status* active|disabled|deleted|partial.
product_links Array of links.
  • link_product_sku - link to product by sku.
  • link_type - associated|crosssell|related|upsell
product_options Array of options.
  • name - Option name, ie size, colour etc.
  • value - Option value, ie 12, 14, Small, Large, red, yellow.
  • position - order of options (optional).
product_images Array of images.
  • uri - path to the image.
  • name - Assign a name to this image.
  • position - order of images (optional).
product_categories Array of categories.
  • name - category name.
  • path - category structure, ie /mens/shoes/, /sale/womens/shoes/.
  • client_reference - (optional) your reference for the category.
  • array containting the sku of the parent products.
  • array containing the sku of the child products.
custom_fields Array of key value pairs for any custom fields data
Key is the field name then value assigned:
  • field_name: field_value
    • index - row index the data passed to the API
    • id - system id for the product
    • status - http status code
    • message - action performed
    • error - only present during failure








Result Format JSON